Modern Football

It’s a sad day in football when fans can be ejected as early as four minutes into the first half for singing and cheering on their team.

These people have been following these teams for years. Singing the same songs and flying the same banners – what has changed is not their level of support, but the extortionate hike in ticket prices up and down the country – the wages of the lads on the pitch, and now the intense policing by the clubs stewards.
You might be forgiven for thinking that some fans deserve to be ejected for bad behaviour, but this was absolutely not the issue at villas match last week when people were ejected for doing only what they have always done, what has always been deemed acceptable and appropriate behaviour at a match. There was no violence, no aggression, no threat of either. Just lads having a buzz in what might as well be their own home.

To be thrown out almost immediately and not only that but handed a three match ban adding insult to injury simply for getting behind the boys you’ve paid to see beggars belief.

This is not rugby where fans politely clap from the stands, remaining seated sipping from hip-flasks. This is a working class sport full of passion and enthusiasm – the fans are the backbones of these clubs. The face of modern football is changing, it’s not what it used to be.

The 1874 are anti fascist working class politically aware fans, they are the backbone of this club. It is not their methods that have changed, but the treatment of them by stewards at the ground. These lads don’t deserve to be treated like criminals, the tradition of singing and banner waving at football games is as old as the game itself, and should not be curtailed in the name of political correctness.
Show your solidarity, sign the petition and tell them loud and clear –



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