It’s hard to believe that we’ve learned no lessons from Libya. It’s hard to belive that even after all the loss of life, babies drowning at sea and peaceful protests bombed in Ankara, that Cameron believes that the indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Syria will stop this madness. How can you bomb an idea that has permeated every corner of the globe?

As he pushes hard for a yes vote today, it will be equally hard to believe that this is the man elected to represent us. If the papers were anything to go by you could believe that Corbyn was the mastermind behind this heinous plan.

Cameron has failed to justify his campaign, that much has been said already, and as much as people would like to make this about this Labour Party and what will happen to it as a result of the vote, it’s important to remember that we are not talking about the internal politics of the U.K. 

We are talking about once again marauding into the Middle East and destroying innocent people’s homes and lives for the sake of the ‘war on terror.’ We know this method is ineffective. We know this only begets more violence, more bombs, more civilian casualties. This is less about justice for Paris and more about Cameron’s  bloodlust.

The wish to bomb Syria is nothing new. This is not a plan hastily pulled together in the wake of the Paris attack, this is a plan for which the Paris attack is a convenient trigger. Where was Cameron’s white-knighting after Ankara, after Beiruit?

As always this will be about money, about profit, about what goodies we can bring home. Bombing Syria will not stop Daesh. Bombing Syria is exactly what they want, they want a war. And what will happen to the Kurds who have been fighting them on the front lines up to now? What will we do with them when our campaign is over, and their struggle for a free and fair society continues? Do you think Cameron will shake hands, thank them for their contribution and hand over the keys to Kobane with gratitude? 

Much more likely that they will become another reason to bomb the region.

We created this monster, our allies with our support created and funded Daesh and continue to buy their stolen oil. And then we say we want to crush them and run them out, well that’s well and good until the price of petrol goes up isn’t it. I doubt this is even nearly as black and white as it looks.

As Corbyn said to his MPs when he refused to impose the party whip and force a vote along the party line – vote with your conscience. Any decent human being can see what a terrible notion another war is. This must be stopped, and as they vote on the telly today and the result comes through – each of us must ask ourselves, what does this vote mean for us? And what am I going to do about it?


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