Donald Duck

I still cannot believe that after he has been denounced and decried all over the world, they are still giving that toady bastard Trump a platform.

I mean, what he’s doing amounts to terrorism as America defines it. He’s not blowing up people and trains and buses, of course, but he’s tapping into that foundation of terror and islamophobia that the media have built up over the last couple of decades, and is using it in an attempt to gain power. Isn’t that what it is, ruling through fear?

How far does freedom of speech extend? Freedom to say whatever you want? Whenever, to whomever, regardless of the far reaching and dangerous consequences? In spite of the racial hatred it insights? Flying in the face of fact and reason?  If that is freedom of speech then I think it’s a stupid idea. How can you allow someone to behave like that publically? 

He has been denounced by his own party, by the opposition, by various world leaders and now, too, by the British public who have signed the largest petition ever registered in an effort to keep the hateful bigot out of the country. And still, because of his money, he is allowed to throw up stages and instil fear into thousands. 

He doesn’t even have the tact to be secretive about what he’s up to. “We will roll into the Middle East, Exxon will come clean up and we will take the oil.” Who the fuck does he think he is? I’m sure there is a small angry element of America who find the honesty and the “straight-talking” refreshing, and this was seen as well in the rise and fall of the BNP and then UKIP – there appeared to be a cogency to their politics that appealed to people.

The fact is if you tell a lot of people a lie, plainly to their faces, without dancing around it and dressing it up – if you appear confident and knowledgable people will believe it. If you have money and power and status, people will believe it. In the end though, it’s still just a lie.

We should not be afraid to implement the lessons of the past because of political correctness. It is no longer a question of wether trump is disgusting or dangerous – we know both of those things to be true. The question now is, what should be done about it?


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