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Courvoisier launched its first ever global cocktail competition in Liverpool this week at McKenzie Whisky Bar on Rodney Street asking bartenders to use the history of Courvoisier and Paris nightlife as inspiration to create a new take on the classic champagne cocktail.
The event was attended by bar representatives from businesses all over the city including Jacarander, Some Place and Palm Sugar and began with the fascinating story of the history of the Courvoisier family and the cognac that conquered France.

Rebecca Asseline, a brand ambassador for seven years, explained how with the invention of streetlights and the explosion of nightlife in Paris Courvoisier was propelled around the world, and was the only drink served at the opening of the Eiffel Tower in 1886. Speciality chocolates accompanied the tasting session which explored the Courvoisier collection, and explained the intense and laborious process of ensuring luxury, quality and consistency year on year.

“This is why we come to sessions like this,” a representative of Mojo said, “you can get a lot of helpful information for competitions that can’t just be researched online.” And with the competition focusing on “The Golden Age of Paris” an inside edge on inspiration may be very helpful indeed. Amanda Humphrey, the Courvoisier Mixxologist told us “we want to inspire bartenders to create and explore new cocktails” but not before giving us an exceptional example in her unique twist on the classic sidecar. “Cognac drives good conversation” Rebecca affirmed.

The closing date for submissions is 25 March 2016, when six entrants will be chosen for semi-finals in London in April. Prizes include trips to Paris and Jarnac, and a chance to visit the exclusive Paradis Cellar to meet with a Courvoisier master blender, as well as a unique blend of cognac from the 1800s presented in an engraved crystal decanter.

Those wishing to enter the competition can do so at:


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