Waitrose, Glasgow

A Waitrose store in Glasgow has suspended seventeen staff after they were caught eating café customer leftovers rather than throwing them away. 

The same company who only a few months ago were cutting Sunday and overtime rates to help pay for the new national living wage, are now punishing the staff they are starving.

If seventeen of your staff are hungry at work, seventeen staff in one store cafe, how can you possibly come to any other conclusion than this is YOUR fault? They are not eating in order to be able to work for you – so you fucking sack them all?

What sort of manager would do this? What sort of human being would pile misery on top of this already tragic story? As if the shame of eating a strangers leftovers isn’t hard enough, as if the smell of food all day wasn’t already driving you insane and sticking knives in your belly. Now you’re probably out of a job as well.

These places shouldn’t be allowed to operate – this is absolutely wicked. It’s evil. To starve your workforce is fucking slavery! They know what they’re doing – they know that they have piled pressure on these workers – cutting their pay so they don’t actually have any increase in income on the new living wage.

They know these people are already feeling the strain, and they don’t fucking care. All they care about is profit. And we can’t have the nice customers seeing workers forced to eat their leftovers can we? They might think we’re not paying them enough! 

Whatever they do with this now, Waitrose – you are the scum of the fucking earth. Pandering and simpering to the middle class with your fucking posh cheese and expensive biscuits while your workers are dying on their arses. Whatever you choose to do about this now, wether you climb down to save face and protect your profit or you really do callously push these desperate people who have given you everything back into the dole queue – we know what you are.

You’re a parasite – a leech on the back of the working class, you will bleed us dry and watch us die and lumber on unfazed. We’re not fucking disposable. 

You have put these people through the shame of going home to their families with no money to feed them. The shame of having to scrape a strangers plate because they can’t afford to eat. The shame of having it broadcast around the world for all to see. The shame of knowing that amongst all this, they still might lose their job at the end of it.

You make me fucking sick. You literally make my stomach churn. I would pause to piss in your doorway. You aren’t worth the shit on their shoes.